Details of Events
The Oak Grove School Heritage Center has officially begun it's Clean Up Project. The project will consist of three Phases.

Phase One - Clean up has begun on the outside and inside of the school. Large items such as old cooling and heating units have been removed from the site along with other debris. This process will be completed ahead of the June 22 location meeting.

Update - Phase One has been completed.

Phase Two - Board Members will meet on Saturday, June 22, 2019 to make a determination of which items located in the school will be kept to place back in the school museum once renovations have been completed.

Update - Phase Two has been completed.

Phase Three - Board Members, Volunteers and Community Leaders will come together to have a Pre- Renovation Day. The date for this event will be announced at a later date. The date will be posted on this web page, flyers will go out to all surrounding communities and the event will be announced on the local radio station. 

Once all three phases have been completed, the Board will announce it's offical "Oak Grove School Heritage Center Renovation Project" start date. This process will continue until the renovation has been completed  and re-opened to the public as a Community Center and Museum.