The Oak Grove School is a two room /two teacher Rosenwald School built in 1925 on one acre of land donated to the school by the late George E. Willis.
   The first principal of Oak Grove School was Marie Carrington Jones (1926 - 1936) followed by Dorothy Agnew (1936 - 1968). Other teachers included Louise Garrett, Rebecca Mattie Agnew Burks, Roxanna Garrett Dawson, Renona Crawford Martin, Elnora Wilson Barnfield Henderson, Lois Penny Stokes, Willie Glover Love, Eunice Beard and Roslyn Worthy Bennett.

   The Rosenwald Schools were built in the early 20th century as a solution to the scarcity of schools for African - Americans in the rural South. The school building program was the idea of educator Booker T. Washington (1865 - 1915) who approached Julius Rosenwald (1862- 1932), the president of Sears, Roebuck and Company. Their collaboration resulted in the building of over 5000 schools.  
   The total cost for the construction of the school was $3000.00. African Americans in the community raised $1400.00 and the remaining $1600.00 was donated by the Rosenwald Foundation and the State of Alabama. As a result of their initiative, children in the Oak Grove and surrounding communities were able to attend a school that was well constructed and equipped with trained teachers. The Oak Grove School was a reflection of African America children's quest for education and their struggles for educational opportunities in the segregated South.

   The Oak Grove School is associated with events that have made a significant contribution to the history of African Americans and is one of the last remaining vestigaes of one of the most important school building projects ever undertaken in the United States.

   As of 2017, The Oak Grove School is one of only two schools in Hale County, Alabama listed on the National Historic Record. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on March 03,1998. It is one of the few remaining schools of over 389 schools, teacher's homes and vocational shop buildings in Alabama constructed from 1913 to 1937 under the Julius Rosenwald School Building fund program. 

  The Rosenwald Schools have been placed on America's 11 most Endangered Historic Places list created by The National  Historic Trust for Historic Preservation.